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Wennovation Hub now works with accredited 3rd party consultants to provide Financial Accounting & Audit services to SMEs

As part of Wennovation Hub's 'ease of doing business' initiative, financial accounting and audit services are now being offered to SMEs at very competitive rates. 

Working with tested and trusted professionals, Wennovation Hub is able to provide small and medium enterprises (including technology startups) tax filing, accounting and audit services on monthly basis.



What specific services do I get monthly?;

1. Financial accounting

2. Tax filing

3. Account Auditing


Why should I do this?

1. Tax clearance & audited financial statements are now major prerequisites to benefit from Federal & International financial support initiatives.

2. No investor will commit to a business with no standard financial record.

3. It is your civic duty to pay tax. More importantly, all businesses operating in Nigeria are required by law to do so. The Government spends tax money to improve existing infrastructure and provide new ones.

4. The cost of not paying tax is actually greater than you imagined. Compound interest accrues on unpaid tax hence, you end up paying much more.


How much will it cost me to use Wennovation Hub's service for my Financial Accounting & Audit?

There are 3 different categories of subscriptions;

1. Category 1: Businesses with 0.5M – 12M annual income

  •  Pay 5k per month (covers filing of VAT, accounting, and auditing).

2. Category 2: Businesses with 12.01M – 50M annual income

  • Pay 5k per month (covers filing of VAT and accounting) + 40k for auditing at the end of the year.

3. Category 3: Businesses with an annual income above 50M

  • Open to negotiation.


To subscribe to this service, complete this Short FORM or call Francisca on 09090002647

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