We are glad to announce that FCMB is sponsoring this Agriculture focused incubation cohort.

Wennovation Hub incubation program is set out to guide early stage entrepreneurs to test and validate their ideas as well as gather their first set of customers or pivot if need be. We do this through a combination of financial support, guidance and training.

This cohort will host 10 startups withrelevant solutions around the following Agricultural subsectors:

  1. Procurement / Supply chain Management(4)
  2. Agri-finance/ Agri-insurance(3)
  3. Other innovative ICT driven ideas(3)

The goal of the 2018 incubation is to:

  1. Expose at least 30 teams to the root of the pre-defined problem statement by merging an in-depth problem definition strategy with an immersion process.
  2. Support at least top 10 teams to build an MVP and a sustainable business modelby taking them through an intensive 4 weeks incubation program.
  3. Support at least top 2 teams with seed investment.

Specific value of this program to startups includes:

  1. Provides pre-seed investmentto validate product-market fit.
  2. Offers access to experienced mentors.
  3. Provides opportunities to connect with potential customers and investors.
  4. The cohort structure encourages peer learning and support.
  5. The intensity of the program gives startups the chance to really develop strong business models.
  6. Provides validation of the startup.

Success indicators for us during and after this program are:

  1. More local and appropriate solutions to social problems developed
  2. Youth unemployment reduced
  3. Technology entrepreneurship among the youth populace encouraged.
  4. Startup ecosystem in Wennovation Hub cities of operation (Lagos, Abuja, Ibadan and Kaduna) significantly developed.

Application review criteria:

  1. Competence of team
  2. Viability of idea
  3. Innovation
  4. Market and Scalability
  5. Registered companies would be at advantage
  6. Female led teams would be at advantage

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