Call For Entries Into The Next Economy/Wennovation Incubation Program 2018 (Abuja)

Posted: March 7, 2019
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The Next Economy/Wennovation Build your business program is a 3-month start-up Incubation program to support the rapid scale up of high-potential starting entrepreneurs. Funded by the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs subsidized program “Local Employment in Africa for Development (LEAD). The objective of the program is to inspire, educate, coach and facilitate youth (15–24 years) in setting up their own enterprise, scale-up a promising start-up, or to prepare them, in cooperation with the private sector, for a ‘decent job’.

Currently being implemented in 5 locations across Africa; Lagos, Abuja, Jos (Nigeria), Bamako (Mali), Hargeisa (Somaliland), Nairobi (Kenya), the Abuja cohort will be implemented by Wennovation Hub. The Abuja cohort will train 30 MVP stage startups in two batches of the program slated to run from April-July and July-October.

The program commences with a kick-off bootcamp in April where selected participating teams will go through product evaluation sessions and will review their business strategy to develop a growth plan. Top performing startups will then be invited to participate in the full 3 months program. This will feature structured training on key drivers for growth will be offered with experts from all around the world. Through various activities, startups will be encouraged to validate your business models, develop route-to-market strategies and vamp up the external positioning of their venture.

Startup teams will be supported by a network of mentors, content experts, and thought leaders. All participants will pitch their growth strategy and plan at the final demo day for a network of investors and potential partners.

Interested startups are invited to submit their applications here

You’ve got what it takes if:

· You are currently working on a start-up and already have an MVP (Minimal Viable Product) or a working prototype

· You have proven customer traction on your idea in the market

· You have a team of minimum 2–3 people

· You are really motivated and you have an ambition to scale-up your idea


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